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Here we are providing a few testimonies from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)'s innumerable clients who have benefited from his astrological predictions and remedies.


All names have been kept anonymous to protect client privacy.





  • Dear Dr. Andrew,


    Thank you.


    As per your prediction I did get a windfall gain (unexpectedly) of income from a source. I will reach to you again in the coming months with prediction inquiries. 




  • Respected Dr. Dutta, Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful predicion about my new job. I joined my new office on 6th July and feeling nice. Your prediction made about a year ago has turned true. Also thank you for the gems you gave me. They seem to have have worked wonders! I have shared your contact details with some relatives of mine who would get in touch with you and they will give my refernce. Requesting your goodself to kindly guide them with your blessings. Regards,



  • Dear Guruji,

    Felt so much grateful after reading your email with fool of humility and wisdom, it must have come from magnet inside beautiful heart. Thank you so much for your guidance. It burns many bridges that otherwise were improbable for me to know/ruleout. Your lucid explanation and BTR will be treasured for all my future undertakings. Shall try my best keeping in touch with you on myraid juncturesas life set to unfold and blossom hereonwards.

    Namastee !! May god be with you always.

    Very kind regards,


  • Respected Guru ji...pranam to your feet. I am very happy to inform you that my son's second marriage was celebrated last week as per your guidance and predictions. We as the Bajoria famiily is very thanksful to you for your correct predictions in our lifes. You have shown us the right path Guruji. We will come very soon to meet you with the newly wed. Respectfully yours [Name removed]


  • Dear Dr Andrew Dutta, Your prediction is 100 % right. A baby boy was born at 11.36 Am at Chennai on may 17 as anticipated correctly by you. 


  • Thank you guruji you are my live God Thank you Sir.


  • By god's grace i got her to sign "Uncontested divorce here in (name of place removed) on (date removed to protect privacy). Lawyer has filed the documents in the court, i'm now awaiting the court date which lawyer says will be by end of January. The Sad thing is i'm distraught that our KP astrologer whom we treat like a family member has incorrectly set this marriage, our family blindly went by his words "go with the marriage she is good".

    Also Is there any re-marriage indication for me and if yes it shouldn't be awful like this one.



  • Hello Dr.Dutta, I would like to inform you that, I came across few of the things that you predicted that October will be a great month for interview and getting a job, I had an interview on 12th, 13th and 17th of October with a company called Cloudwick (Big Data Engineer Position).


  • Dear Andrew Datta sir! Namasthe sir! I have talked with you 2-3 times 1-2 years back over phone. You have predicted exactly that:" Mr. Rahmath, from KURNOOL, Andhra Pradesh, who had cheated me financially,would never give my money back" and the same is happened in my case and what you have predicted is happened exactly Swamy!  Guruji!Now I am in great financial problems and I am badly in need of your guidance and valuable advice to survive in my life Swamy!  I want to ask one question about my personal future. Will I meet you personally? [Rest of the email deleted due to protect privacy]


  • Respected Shri Dutta ji, Sadar Parnam, The remedy provided by you for my daughter's troubled married life has worked miraculously and so rightly predicted by you that after taking the remedy my son-in-law will leave that woman has truly happened. We are very grateful for your blessings. I humbly accept my ignorance that I had no idea that Yantrams can be so powerful. I remain, forever yours, truly, (name removed)


  • Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for your analysis . It works as wonder . I got engage with girl having mentioned specification. I am getting married on 6 December. I would like know future analysis for different area like career and finance with detailed analysis. 

    Can you please let me know if you provide such services? and what is charge for the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards


  • Dear Andrew,

    We are glad to inform you that our daughter got PhD admission in University of Alabama at Birmingham with full funding in Cancer Biology. You had predicted that she will get opportunity to do PhD in US.Thank you for your prediction & guidance.


  • Hi, Thank you sir, I have downloaded Jyotish deepika and tried rectification of birth time as there was doubt. I was born in a village in Tanjore district. There were 3 checks that almost rectify your birth time and it gets the green and with the word, that the birth time appears to be correct. I changed the minutes to earlier and later minutes to my Birth time, I got red, that birth time is not correct. On one occasion, your program check,in jyotish deepika shows the green, suggesting that the birth time appears to be correct. Thanks for your method. The other two did not accept this. Thank you very much for suggestion download of jyotish deepika . Thanks


  • one more thing, that one of my friend's uncle is also the KP astrologer.He rectified my birth time 2:22 AM.

    For the questions ie. honda dealership,gas agency and bank agreement he gave me the positive answer.out of that Honda dealership and the bank agreement outcome came negative as predicted by you.the gas agency process is not done yet by the company.


  • Dear Sir, I am really happy to share that my surgery went fine and there was no life threatening during during the surgery. It was conducted on 27th March at around 8:30 Am. As predicted, it took me 3 months time to recover and now I can feel the that I am much better, and still taking proper care. I can't thank you enough for your compassionate guidance and I had to share a the e-mail conversation I had with you with my family , friends and distant relatives abroad who called me to wish well, and they were all really happy and touched with your response and experienced a restored faith in God and Jyotish. Once again, lots of pranams and my heart felt Prayers for your Good Health and Success.


  • Respected Guruji, As forecast by u marriage alliance is in sight and accepted by us. Bride is ***** belongs to our community dob ***** Matching as per jyotish deepika nov2 is fixed for sacrament kindly bless the couple  u can add this for ur case study if so desired. Plz reply.


  • Dr.Andrew is probably the most illustrious Astrologer after Shri.Raman. The predictions are very accurate to the point and reinstates the belief in Dharma.


  • If there is award on astrology called SARVOTTAM or SARVASHRESTA both should go to my KP GURU Dr Andrew Dutta on Astrology and as a ASTROLOGER. Tilak Raj Kapoor Sishya. Well done Sir,


  • "Dear Andrew da, your prediction came correct. The father of the girl called up my mother and said that they cannot proceed in the marriage matter. They have called off the marriage".


  • "Dear sir I have sought your advice exactly a year ago as you had rightly predicted I did manage to sell a piece of land however there have been problems and delays in the payments from the client which has put me in a acute financial crunch I am now in a dilemma .......[message truncated for privacy reasons]  Regards, "


  • "Sir you have been spot on I have indeed taken a small loan to clear my dues and the duration which you have subscribed is exactly what I have in mind and is something that I intend to do .......[message truncated for privacy reasons] thanking you for your guidance, Regards"


  • "Dear Andrew,  have got my job offer letter on 14th October as exactly predicted by you. Thanks and regards,"


  • "I finally got married to that boy whom you said was destined for me to marry me. many thanks sir for your wonderful help. I will keep in touch with you for all my astrological requirements. Parnam to you....[Message truncated for privacy reason]"


  • "Jai ho Duttaji...your gems have worked miracles for wife is now pregnant after 12 years of married are God personified in our life....thousands of pranams to you".


  • "Sir, my US Visa interview was successful and I got my Visa for travel. Thank you very much for your correct prediction and the great confidence you gave in me. Sincere regards to you". 


  • "Dear Dr. Dutta, I hope you remember me. 2 years ago you predicted about my flat purchase. I am so happy to inform you that just as you predicted we have been able to buy a new property. In fact it is near the top floor as indicated by you. The gemstone you gave us has worked miracles. Thank you very much. I would like to get my brother's birth chart seen by you. Please tell me your current fees."


  • "Sir, the divorce decree was granted to me. Thank you for your gems"


  • "Dutta daughter's marriage has been finalized. Many many thank you to you to for your correct prediction and the gem help you gave to my daughter. I wish you could come to Chennai to bless my daughter and the bridegroom"


  • It has been a very beautiful experience to take consultancy from you. You are a Divine person Dr. Andrew. Thanks for your suggestions that has changed my life for the better.


  • Andrew ji, my daughter's marriage has been fixed as rightly predicted by you. Thank you very much SIr and please bless her Sir. Yours faithfully,


  • Sir, my son is now a changed boy. He has developed good concentration in studies and has also stopped drinking. We really lost all hope till Vijay told us about you. You are a Deva to our family Sir. May God give you long life to help millions of souls like ours. Extreme regards to your feet.


  • Respectful Andrew Sir, my mother was truly admitted in the hospital as predicted by you. When you said she will be admitted, we did not believe you, but in the evening your prediction turned out to be true. Also it was true that her life was not threatened and she came back to us after a few days. Many thanks for your valualbe guidance. Pranams, yours...


  • Dear Andrew ji, as promised by me that I will inform you about my job change, I have already changed the job. Thanks for the gem which you provided. And please put my name also in the website and I am proud to be led by you in my life. Your faithfully Rohit Agarwal.


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