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Birth Time Rectification Astrology Service



You can get correct predictions from your birth horoscope only if you have a correct birth time.


Accurate birth time is called as AA Rated. Nobody on this planet can really know their own birth time simply because they were probably crying at that very moment when they were born!! So, you mainly have to depend upon your birth time from your parents or relatives. But how far are these birth time trully correct? The watches on their wrist could be off the mark by a few minutes. Even the clock on the hospital labour room where your mother gave you birth could be off by few minutes. And all this is 'humanely' possible. "To err is human" isn't it?


Natal horoscopy is therefore, impossible without your correct and accurate birth time. But this is one of the rarest resources in a person's life. A large majority of people only have an approximate birth time. This is usually in "ranges" of birth time such as "between 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm" and such ranges of birth time does not serve the purpose of doing good astrology and correct predictions.Those who proudly say that they have been born at, say for example, in exact minutes like "3:42 am" also find, quite to their own dismay, that even the most seasonest of astrologers have failed to give a correct prediction on the so-called 'correct' birth time.


Instead of the birth time, you may like to get the correct year of your birth. Or you may be having confusion about the correct birth Ascendant (Lagna) of your birth because you are born at the junction of two Signs. Or may be you are not sure about your birth month. No matter whatever be your birth data related issue, you will get the perfect input about your birth data.


The best solution therefore is to get your birth time corrected or rectified by a professional astrologer.


Sothida Mannan, Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya, Dr. Andrew Dutta is unquestionably the world leader in astrological Birth Time Rectification from India, hailing from an astrological family into practice for the last 219 years. At the age of 26 he was awarded Maharshi Parashar Gold Medal Award for his research and invention--"Rule of Origin", which is widely used by all  trained KP System astrologers.


For every birth horoscope that he rectifies for the correct birth time he uses:

  • The Amsa Method (his family method)

  • Kaalapurusha Angabibhag Method (his family method)

  • Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System) astrology Method

  • Horizon Method [invented by Dr. Andrew Dutta]

  • Rule of Origin Method (used as a tool for verification) [invented by Dr. Andrew Dutta]


These five different methods are all used in tandem to arrive the most precise birth time which is correct upto the nearest second.


So, the birth time that you woulld get corrected by him would be the best and the most accurate birth time. GUARANTEED


The service investment for Birth Time Rectification is Rs. 5500/- for all deposits made within India and USD 100 for all services availed from outside India from any other country for a single horoscope.



Please visit the website for availing this highly specialized service from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)


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