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Education, Career & Vocation Astrology Consultation Service

"Happy is the man who lives by his hobby" said the wise George Bernard Shaw. However, large majority of people are unhappy in their job and struggle in the career, job or vocation simply because they have no idea about the best line of career or vocation suitable for them according to the planetary positions in their horoscope.


By making an astrological consultation with Dr. Andrew Dutta on your horoscope you can correctly choose the best line of education, career or vocation for you which can bring success, income, glory and stability in your life. Based on your horoscope, he can provide you the best guidance on choosing your best career.


Apart from this, you can also consult with him regarding change in job, change in your line of career, periods of rise or fall in career, retirements--voluntary or forced, and also about getting a new job altogether.






INR 6400/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 190 (for all payments made from outside India) FOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make astrological analysis for ANYONE of the below mentioned topics:


  1. Choosing the best line of career/vocation/business in life for success and wealth.

  2. Choosing the best field of education in life for success and good result.

  3. Whether higher studies is promised in birth horoscope? If so, which is the best field to succeed? Will PhD be finally awarded?

  4. Forecast periods of professional rise or fall in next 1 year period with analysis and remedial guidance.

  5. Timing of change of job and prospects for the new job.

  6. Timing of change of career and prospect in the new line of vocation/career.

  7. Analysis of promotions/business growth in the next 3 year period with remedial guidance.

  8. Any other matters related to career, vocation, job and business/self employment can also be consulted with discussion with Dr. Andrew Dutta.






Please perform the following steps to get Career & Vocation Astrology Consultation Service from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit).


Step 1: Make your Payment.                      for Service Payment Details.


Step 2: Fill up the Regular Astrology Consulting Form and submit.


Step 3. In the Message box of the Form, please mention which type of career and vocational assessment do you want Dr. Andrew Dutta to do for you between 1 to 8 above.





The service processing time is 4-5 business days.

Consultation report will be sent to your email along with your accurate horoscope

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