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KP Astrology (KP System) Lesson Part 1 & 2 New

Published on Aug 24, 2013

Watch this video to know "What is KP Astrology (KP System)?" and "How is KP Astrology different from Indian Vedic Astrology?" This video is part of the Complete KP Astrology Video course "Accurate Predictions with KP Astrology--Foundation Level". This is the new video replacing earlier videos uploaded on 3rd Dec 2011 with 2238 viewers.

KP Astrology (KP System) Tutorial Part 3 New: KP Video Lesson

Published on Aug 23, 2013

KP Astrology (KP System) tutorial (Part 3 New) showing how to set default settings in Jyotisha Deepika v5.2.2 software for doing Krishnamurti Paddhati. This video is taken from "Professional Video Course--Practical Applications of Ruling Planets in KP Astrology".To buy the full video course with study material, visit
The earlier Part 3 uploaded on 4th December 2011 having 3356 viewers is replaced with this new video.

KP Astrology Part 4

Published on Sep 22, 2012

KP Astrology Video Lesson Part 5

Published on Aug 11, 2013

KP Astrology Video lesson Part 5 on Cuspal Displacement and Intercepted sign using a Placidus Horoscope in Krishnamurti Paddhati

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