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J.A.S.A Inaugural Issue Editorial by Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)



In this inaugural editorial I am very glad to handover to the entire world of stellar astrology a journal which is ‘for the astrolover, by the astrolover and of the astrolover’. This journal does not have any reviewer or a board of reviewer simply because every practitioner of astrology, whether a new comer in the field or a veteran, whether an amateur or a professional—undergoes unique experiences in astrology—both spiritual as well as scientific. Therefore, when they contribute a write-up it becomes a document of their very unique and special experience in astrology, which can be appreciated and learnt from but which, in no circumstances, can be refused or edited by any reviewer or editor in this world.


The philosophy behind creation of this journal is to RESPECT differences of opinion, FOSTER DIVERSITY in different stellar astrology approaches, ENCOURAGE RESEARCH in all domains, DEVELOP NEW THINKING and sustain PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE of all schools of thought.


This clearly brings to question my role as an editor to this journal. Put in simple words, my role is that of a ‘propagator’. As an editor of this journal I would like to bring forth to the entire astrology reading, practicing and professing public of the world all materials pertaining to stellar astrology which would be made available to this journal. This means that the main purpose of this journal is to serve as a conduit between the person who has had a recent astrological experience and the one who is seeking such knowledge. And surely I am not going to occupy the seat of a ‘judge’ passing judgment on whether an article is acceptable, publishable or otherwise.


The section ‘Case Studies in Predictive Astrology’ will primarily deal with such articles where the contributor has been able to give a successful prediction. Through these articles the contributor will make us aware about the entire process, approach and his/her logical thinking in delivering the prediction. Since each contributor has undergone unique training in astrology and may follow certain unique ways in arriving at a clear prognostication, reading such cases will be a major and prime sources of knowledge sharing with the community of astrolovers and astrologers. Therefore, articles pertaining to all branches of stellar astrology namely Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP), Four Step Theory, Cuspal Interlinks (CIL), Nadi astrology and any other forms of stellar astrology will be highly welcome in this section.


‘Research Perspectives’ will be a section where any contributor can submit write-up on his/her inference or conclusion about any astrological principle/dictum after careful scrutiny/study/research of birth or horary charts. There is no ‘minimum’ or ‘maximum’ number of charts to be studied as long as the contributor can show, with consistency of results, that his/her conclusion can now be tested, verified and used. As an editor, I am in no way going to pass judgment on the reliability or validity of the research because it is for the readers—our astrolovers—to finally find out whether such research makes their astrological life a little easier.


The ‘JASA Idea Incubator’ is going to be a live and public document for documenting any new and innovative approach in the field of astrology in general and stellar astrology in particular. The reason why I conceptualized this section was mainly for two reasons. Firstly, to have successful knowledge sharing, the first essential step is documentation. So, currently there is no coherent and publicly accessible place where everyone can collectively contribute and share their ideas in astrology. Further unless everyone shares there idea, another person cannot build upon it. This has been a serious limitation in the field of astrology, especially in India. Secondly, personal discussions of ideas a vulnerable to ‘plagiarism of thoughts’ and recently I was a victim of this from an ‘internet-based KP reference giver’. Many people in this world of astrology have been duped by their cunning fellow mortal. But publication of an idea in this journal will always keep the contributor documented. A contributor contributing to this section needs to 1) give a name to his/her new method, 2) explain the new idea/concept, 3) show the application of the concept though practical illustration of horoscope, either birth or horary.


Criticism is hardly ever welcome in any magazines or journal of astrology. Moreover, in today’s world when reviewers and editors are themselves writing in their own publication, then criticism is ‘surgically’ kept out. But without constructive criticism no field or science can grow. With the objective of advancing the field of astrology I have conceptualized the section ‘Critics Column’. Under this column we would be finding constructive criticism without any harsh words and without any hard feelings. I use the word “constructive” because any true critic would not only find fault but would also suggest alternatives. Without suggestions of alternative means and approaches a criticism becomes ‘bad mouthing’. Readers will also be welcome to write their constructive criticism on any idea, case study or any principle/dictum of astrology as long as it helps all of us to move at least one step ahead.


This journal does not have any Advisory board or a group of reviewers. This is because advice or judgment is not the prerogative of select few. All can advise and especially those who give their time, energy and resource for their love of astrology. And such people are the esteemed readers of this journal. So, all suggestions received from readers will find their way into the section called ‘Suggestion Box’. The most practical and implementable suggestion-giver of the year will be felicitated in this journal as the Best Suggestion Giver and his/her suggestion will be adopted.


The ‘Food for Thought’ section will mainly have blind charts which are unique in some way or the other. Readers can solve the question given in this section and the most correct answer will be published in subsequent issue and the reader will be published with his/her analysis. This is because unique horoscopes have unique features. For example, Sachin Tendulkar has his exalted Mars aspecting his exalted Sun. It is like one powerful engine pushing another powerful engine in the same direction!!


The Classroom will be a section where one can clarify their doubts related to various streams of stellar astrology. The answers will be given by veteran and experienced practitioners of astrology. Readers are welcome to send all questions. Depending upon the breadth and scope of the questions, both the question as well as the reply would be published in this journal along with the name of the querist and the replier.


Finally ‘Billet Doux’, which means ‘love letters’ in French, will contain all letters that readers will send to this journal. Even small words of encouragement, hands of blessing and in-depth feelings, both hard and soft, conveyed to this journal will find its way to this column.


I wish you a great reading from this journal and hope that you will continue to remain a significant member who will be remembered down the history who stood up for a noble cause.


Good Luck!


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