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Sample Questions for Urgent Service




Sample Question Type Which Can Be Serviced


The main purpose of 24 Hours URGENT Service is to quickly get an answer or decision for a pressing or immediate problem. It is not for problems or issues that have a longer time horizon of few weeks or months or even years.


Therefore, the following are an indicative list of questions that may be asked by you in this service.


By reading this list, you will also get an idea how to articulate your specific questions within a few words.





  • I have an interview tomorrow. Will I succeed in it?

  • My girlfriend has stopped talking with me. Will she call me again? If yes, when?

  • I want to call my father. When is a good time to call him on phone?

  • I want to buy shares and stocks of "XYS" Ltd. Will it be profitable for me?

  • I have an agreement to sign next week. Which date and time should I sign?

  • I want to call a team meeting. Which date and time should I call it?

  • My mother lost her cell phone. Will she recover it? If yes, when?

  • I am planning to resign from my job. Will this be good for me?

  • I am wanting to change my job. Will it be good for me?

  • Should I change my current job?

  • I want to buy an apartment. Will that bring good fortune to me?

  • My boyfriend is fortunate for me?

  • Is my new friend reliable? Can I trust him?

  • I want to sell my shares in the stock market. Is that a right decision I am taking?

  • Should I invest in Gold? Will that be profitable for me?

  •  I am planning to undergo operation next week. Should I do it? Which is the best time to do that?

  • Should I accept my foreign visit to Japan?

  • Will I be safe in the country where I am going for a vacation?

  • Will my children take care of my pet while I am away for a foreign visit?

  • Is this doctor suitable for me?

  • Am I being diagnosed correctly for my disease?


Sample Question Type Which Cannot be



The following type of questions DO NOT fall under the purview of quick analysis as it requires much in-depth astrological analysis using various parameters of your birth horoscope.


Therefore, it is advisable that you do not ask these type of questions under this service because such type of questions will not be answered in this service.








  • I am planning to get married with the boy named "AAA". Please check whether our horoscopes are matching.

  • What is the correct line of education I should pursue in my life after my Graduation?

  • Please analyze what is the correct type of profession I should take up in life? Should it be service or business?

  • What is my longevity? How long will I live?

  • What kind of diseases am I likely to suffer in my life?

  • I dont know my exact birth time. Please rectify my birth time accurately.

  • Can you please tell me who can harm me in my workplace?

  • Please tell me what events will happen in the next 15 days or one month.

  • Please tell me something about my future life? What life has in store for me?

  • Please suggest me remedies according to my horoscope.

  • What is in my future?

  • What wil happen to me in the next 10 years?


Such type of questions can however be fully answered  astrologically through the other regular Astrology Consulting Services offered by Dr. Andrew Dutta. Visit the Astrology Consulting Page of this website

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