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Wealth, Income & Financial Astrology Consultation Service

In the modern era money, wealth, income and finance is almost every persons' concern. People give in a lot of effort in their jobs, businesses and work only to hope to make sufficient economic gains to help them run their families and their own personal wellbeing. But not everybody rolls over money and there are numerous people who do not get their legitimate wealth and income inspite of doing the best and hardest of work.


Why does this happen? What do the stars in your horoscope tell about your wealth luck? Would you be able to make your two ends meet financially? Which are the best periods in your life for finances and wealth and income? Is there any major financial loss soon?


By making an astrological consultation with Dr. Andrew Dutta on your horoscope you can correctly get an objective assessment about your wealth luck.





INR 6400/- (for all payments made in India) and USD 190 (for all payments made from outside India) FOR A SINGLE HOROSCOPE to make a complete assessment of ANYONE of the following:

  1. Time of financial gain and losses for the next 1 year period or your chosen 1 year time.

  2. Quantity of financial fortune and misfortune shown in the horoscope along with potential of finance

  3. Best period in the entire life for financial success, wealth and income.

  4. Quantity of financial well being from Job/Service/Business

  5. Financial gain/profit from business enterprises.

  6. Financial gains, wealth and income from other sources.

  7. Any other specific financial matters can also be assessed astrologically after discussing with Dr. Andrew Dutta.






Please perform the following steps to get Wealth, Income & Financial Astrology Consultation Service from Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit).


Step 1: Make your Payment.                   for Service Payment Details.


Step 2: Fill up the Regular Astrology Consulting Form and submit.


Step 3. In the Message box of the Form, please mention which type of financial, wealth and income assessment do you want Dr. Andrew Dutta to do between 1 to 7 above.




The service processing time is 4-5 business days.

Consultation report will be sent to your email along with your accurate horoscope

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